Welcome to my blog

Hey hey and welcome to West to W.I.F.E: Woman Intentionally Finding (herself) Everyday!

I decided to create a blog after too much overthinking that turned into consistent writing.

Once I found out I was pregnant and got married a few months later, I had even more to think/write about. I thought more about my childhood and the relationship I didn’t have with my parents growing up. ALL. THE. TIME. There are still moments when I think about what my life would be like if I did. My motivation to keep going is something my sister told me when I first shared with her my concerns about being a mother. “God didn’t put us through all of this not to give us a chance to show someone the right way to do it”.

I realized, I have no control over what God has planned for me. So, I decided to live in each moment and learn as I go. I stopped “preparing” to start a blog and went for it.

Please visit my about me page to learn more!

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