Pump On the Go | ft. Spectra Baby


SuperwoMOM [soo·per·wu·MOM]: every mama using exceptional multitasking skills to get things done. Things included but not limited to: taking care of themselves, their family, their home, managing businesses, attending school, working full/part time… the list goes on. So, as a breastfeeding mama, how can you make your life easier?

Spectra’s portable breast pump!

Since using this breast pump, my multitasking skills have been taken to another level. How many of you start to clean, cook, watch TV, run to the store, literally do anything and you have to stop what you’re doing to pump? It’s so inconvenient. Honestly, before having this portable pump, I would let them fill up until they hurt sometimes and just regretted it later. Lol! I know, that’s dumb. But, that’s no longer my problem.

What it comes with/How it works:

So, let’s get into what the pump comes with and how it works. Included with the pump are two wide neck bottles (so convenient when you’re pouring the milk into a storage bag!), two breast flanges, backflow protectors, power adaptor, literally, everything you need. And my favorite part is the weight. It’s only 1/2lb! Pictured below is the breast pump and everything it comes with!

The LCD screens allows you to see if you’re pumping in a darker area. The level of the pump goes all the up to 10 and you can really hear the difference in the levels. It has a massage setting AND a timer. The timer definitely comes in handy because I always forget to look at the time before I start pumping. To be completely honest, when I first used the pump, I thought that because it was portable, it wouldn’t be as strong. To my surprise, I actually like this one better. The first time my husband saw me using it he said “Omg! Look how it’s pulling your boob and getting so much milk out at one time!” Lol! He was just as excited and agreed that he thought the suction was better also.

I haven’t gotten a change yet, but my plan is to buy a really cute bag to put it in and use it when I start working full time and when I’m traveling. Our first trip without Ryann is next month and I’m going to need to pump so I got this Spectra’s portable pump right on time!

If you’re looking for a convenient pump that works well, is lightweight, AND portable, you need to get you a Spectra, baby! Lol! No but forreal though. Thank me later!

Head over to to get yours today!

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