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The minute I found out I was going to be a girl mom, I started to think about the relationship I wanted to have with my daughter. Being raw and real about female topics ESPECIALLY feminine hygiene is vital. I want to be the one to have conversations with Ryann that every little girl should have. So, it starts with me. Educating and caring for my body so that when she has certain questions, I can answer (most) of them. Today I’ll be sharing my experience with Empress Body, a doula owned company, that sells natural feminine hygiene products.

Back Story

So first and foremost, I wanted to share a little more about myself and why this topic is so necessary. Growing up I didn’t have the best relationship with my mother. I grew up with all sisters (four of them who are my mother’s children) and it was pretty much just us. We moved around from family members homes, shelters, motels, and friends’ houses, so a lot of topics I wish I had at a younger age, I didn’t have until I was in high school. During my junior year, I left my home and stayed between my mentor and my best friend’s home. There were so many things about my body that I didn’t know until having those important conversations and experiences growing up with my best friend.

Long story short, as little girls, there are things we NEED to know and talk about. Menstrual cycles and how to properly use pads and tampons. Bras and the correct way to measure ourselves. Even something as simple as how to clean our yonis (vaginas) and what we should not be using to clean them. Obviously, sex, and ways to protect ourselves. And most importantly, our over hygiene as women. Unfortunately, not all girls feel comfortable having these talks or simply asking the questions they may have. And it is our job as women, to speak openly about the topic more often.

Empress Body Natural Products

So, what is Empress Body? A company geared towards empowering women feminine needs. They have all kinds of products such as yoni steams, colon detox tea, detox pearls, sanitary towels, and a bunch of other products that can be found here. I have always been nervous about using anything in or on my body. I barely use Tylenol when I have a headache. LOL! So, what I love most is the fact that their products are natural/vegan and holistic!

The three products I have been using is the moringa tea, moringa powder, and hydrate mist. As a wife, mommy, and just a woman trying to get a million things done a day, I need as much energy to get me through the day. The moringa tea has been a lifesaver! Apparently, the moringa leaf provides energy with a bunch of vitamins and I have been loving every bit of it! Additionally, I’ve found a new love for “mommy time” simply because I have been using the moringa powder for a face mask. There are so many different masks you can use with the powder however, I like to keep things simple, so I’ve literally only been using honey and almond milk with it. My skin has been glowing and I’ve found a reason to take more pictures. Lol! Now the Empress Hydrate Mist is something different. Lol! You can literally use it for anything. (Yes! Even your yoni.) I, however, have been looking for more natural deodorant substitution and so that’s what I’ve been using it for. Honestly, I’m still getting used to it because I’ve been using regular deodorant all my life, so I don’t use it for the whole day. I do think it has been working out and hope that it can become something I use strictly.

Every female should be educated and comfortable when talking about their yonis and hygiene. I think at times we all get a little weird with the topic and not knowing when it’s okay to say certain things. I’ve grown to know that it’s okay to talk about it whenever. We should also be aware of what products we should and could be using and what they do.

So, head over to and check out their products! Be sure to read each description which tells you the ingredients and instructions on how to use them.

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