About Me

Hey hey! My name is Kenniqua Mon’a Howell. I am a native New Jersey girl currently living in the DMV area with my husband Joel and my daughter Ryann.

I never thought I would become a blogger; if you had told me in 2017 that I would be starting a lifestyle blog, I would have given you a ‘yeah right, not me!’ look from behind my LSAT study guide. But…life comes at you fast.

At the start of 2018, my boyfriend and I found out that we were pregnant, much to our surprise! By April we were married, moved in together in June and welcomed our baby girl in September of 2018. (Yeah, we moved pretty fast lol) Becoming a wife and mother all within a few months was both exciting and overwhelming. Although my pregnancy was one of the best experiences, in the beginning I found myself having an emotional breakdown (can anyone relate?). In addition to the normal nervous thoughts around parenthood, I often found myself reflecting on my own tough childhood. I grew up not having a relationship with either of my parents, and spending most of my early life moving around to different homes of family members and friends. Though I had spent most of my life pushing my feelings about my upbringing away, once I found out I was pregnant, those buried emotions came rushing up.

I found myself getting frustrated and overwhelmed with other emotions while thinking, “how will I teach my daughter family traditions?” (I don’t have any to share), “what will I say when my daughter asks about my childhood stories” and so many other things. Additionally, after getting married, I also filled my head with thoughts about what kind of wife I would be. Successful and healthy marriages were not something I witnessed as a child in my family either, so I didn’t know the first thing about what it meant to be a wife. With all of that on my mind, I realized that I needed a way to face the pain in my past to enjoy the blessings in my present, so I started to write. With my husband’s encouragement, I found that once I started, I could not stop. That’s how West to W.I.F.E began.

West is my maiden name and a part of who I am today. The acronym W.I.F.E stands for Woman Intentionally Finding (herself) Everyday. Throughout my journey I’ve found that one of the most important things we as human beings can do is to share our life experiences with others, and to teach from our own lessons. This blog was created to do just that! I will be sharing candid stories about my childhood, my family, friends, travels, and so much more. I hope that you enjoy following me on a journey of discovering life as a woman, wife, and mother; creating my own family traditions, building support systems, and connecting with you all along the way.

Please feel free to email me anytime at westtowife@gmail.com or you can find me on instagram